Monthly Archives: mars 2018

Have you heard about Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM)? Lone Ree Milkær has produced a series of short podcasts portraying central topics and perspectives of the project. In the first one geoscientist Henrik H. Svensen explain how a rapid climatic change 56 million years ago may be used to inform present climate change research. (4:01 minutes)


Does nature have intrinsic value in Norwegian environmental politics? Or has the economical language of ecosystem services removed the possibility of expressing values not connected with nature as a service provider for humans? In the latest edition of Nytt norsk tidsskrift and in a shorter, popular artilce in Morgenbladet, postdoctoral researcher Marit Ruge Bjærke demonstrates that there has been major changes in how the Norwegian government and environmental management has expressed value in nature during the last 10 to 15 years.

The articles are in Norwegian.